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The word soufriere means sulphur in the air. Soufriere was the first establish town in St Lucia that was inhabited by the French in 1745. It is the second largest town with a population of 12000 people. The people of Soufriere are surrounded by the most natural beauty and resources in St Lucia. The Natural Rain Forest Hot and Cold Water Falls,the Sulphur Springs best Dive Sites,The World Renown Twin Peaks which was declared world heritage sites.The Sulphur water is very therapeutic.It contains properties that will heal a lot of skin diseases and joint pain Carbon Iron and Copper is the most essential mineral that the body requires.

Climbing the twin peaks which is not a Volcano but in fact are the remainder of the collapse Volcano allows you to see the entire island of St Lucia on average soufriere town the Villages in the south and Eastern part of the island Chosieul, Laborie, Vieux, Micoud and Dennery and our neighbouring islands St Vincent English speaking and Martinique French speaking.It takes two hours to get to the top and two hours to get back to the bottom.There are foot paths on the pitons to aid the climbers to get to the top the big piton is 2600ft and small is 2400ft on average also they four miles apart.If you book a Soufrire tour with us your experience will be an unforgettable one.

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